Elect Yvette Chevalier for Clark County Family Court

When it comes to family matters, Yvette Chevalier is better than good. Protect children and families by electing a Judge who puts Nevada’s children and families first.
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About Yvette

Yvette Chevalier Lopez brings in excess of 25 years of working as a helping professional to the bench. She has extraordinary abilities to listen and synthesize information useful in making judicial rulings on matters that affect the lives of children and families. Yvette’s long history in Nevada commenced in 1981 and that long history supports her tireless concerns for Nevada’s Children and Families.

As a Judge, Chevalier Lopez will deliver independence, integrity and impartiality of the kind needed to address the fact that every person is unique. Chevalier can handle the fast pace yet evaluate family court matters without showing favoritism. With 25 years of hands-on experience as a helping professional— teacher, counselor, child protection manager, supervisor for mentally ill felon program, director of juvenile justice and social services –she is uniquely qualified to sit as Family Court Judge.

Yvette Chevalier Lopez is no stranger to the issues and concerns most often addressed in family court. Yvette has never met her biological father and doesn’t know who he is or was. Chevalier was raised by a single mother who did not attend high school. Chevalier Lopez has been essentially emancipated since age 13 years old. As the first college graduate in her family, she values and respects the difficult struggles of people appearing in her court. Yvettes first language is Spanish and she was born in Puerto Rico. As a Judge, Chevalier Lopez is completely familiar with the impact court decisions have on children and families.

When elected, Yvette Chevalier Lopez will continue to put Nevada’s Children and Families First.

Notable Accomplishments

Born in Puerto Rico, Speaks Spanish

Juris Doctor, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law

Family Law Attorney, Law Offices of Yvette Chevalier PLLC

Member, Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys

Pro Bono Attorney, Legal Aid of Southern Nevada

Judge, American Association for Justice Education

Mediator, Supreme Court of Nevada

Judge, Clark County School District Truancy Program


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